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Human Design reading

Have you been feeling out of alignment? Struggling to make decisions but feeling unclear which way to turn? Want to know how best to use your energy?

Then a Human Design reading could be right for you.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that uses eastern and western astrology, along with a number of ancient teachings to calculate your unique design from time of birth. This gives you a blueprint of who you’re actually designed to be.

Ever seen a small child and thought, I want to bottle up all that energy and self-confidence before the world starts chipping away at it? Well, that’s what Human Design does. It lets you rediscover who you are before all that conditioning (society, family pressures etc) took place. It helps you understand who you are right now – and also the person you’re supposed to be helping you make decisions so you fulfil your potential.

What does a Human Design reading tell you?

A Human Design reading teaches you about your energy type so you know how best to use it for work, family life and to make sure you’re getting enough rest. We’re taught that we should have boundless energy, and that is definitely the case for some people – however, it’s not for everyone. Human Design helps you understand what’s right for you. It also helps you understand how best to respond to the world. We’re often encouraged to go out there and hustle. What Human Design can tell you is if that’s the best approach for you. It can also give you information about your life purpose and how you’re designed to experience life; helping you recognise if you’re in alignment.

How does it work?

The Human Design system uses your time and location of birth and uses it to map your blueprint. You’ll get a chart that is completely unique to you, helping you understand the person you’re meant to be.

What is Human Design?

Interested in Human Design but just not quite sure what it’s all about? Then these resources here, along with this blog post should give you an introduction. You can also learn more from my instagram, 365 days wellbeing.

Get a foundation Human Design reading

A Human Design foundation reading covers your type (your aura and your energy); your strategy (how you’re supposed to respond to the world) and your authority (how best to make decisions), along with some information as to your purpose and how you’re going to live your life.

Who am I?

I’m Nicky Turner and am a qualified Human Design practitioner having studied both traditional Human Design with the Institute of Human Design and Quantum Human Design with Karen Curry Parker. In your Human Design reading, I’ll help you discover your energy and how best you should respond to the world.

I was really surprised when I had my reading because it was almost like I knew these things about myself, but I’d pushed them down and buried them because I felt the way I was doing things was wrong.


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