Bad attitude with gratitude (and how to get your gratitude groove back on)

January 4, 2018

My bad attitude with gratitude

A few years ago, I was the queen of gratitude practice. I kept a daily gratitude diary; starting every day writing the top ten things I felt grateful for that morning and the reasons why. It changed my thinking completely. I stopped caring about the small things and focused on all the great things around me. I felt happier, my relationships were better and I was more energised. Life started to feel easier and I noticed how many more good things came my way. However, life got busy, I started to lose momentum and my practice slipped. For a long time, I’ve been trying to get back into it and finding it challenging. I always found a hundred excuses to not keep it going. I didn’t have enough time, I was tired, I didn’t have a pen… In short, I started to get a bad attitude with gratitude.

How to get back into the gratitude groove

Now, the thing is with gratitude is it’s meant to be joyful. It’s supposed to be about recognising the good moments of life. A cuddle from my boy. Yes please. The train that’s running late in sync with us being late to the station. Win. Getting a free cup of coffee. Thank you. But, if you start to feel that you’re doing your gratitudes a bit begrudgingly because you’re in a hurry, then it kind of loses its impact.

So how do you get your gratitude groove back on?

Gratitude Apps

The good thing about living in a digital age is there’s an App for pretty much everything including gratitude. This means you can do your gratitude practice on public transport, or where ever you are. Happyfeed is just one of many Apps available.

You can also keep it lo-fi and just use the notes in your phone too.

Say your gratitudes out loud

Personally, I get a lot from writing my gratitudes down, which stands to reason given that I’m a writer. I find it helps me reflect much more. However, if you’re a verbal person, then saying your gratitudes out loud could have a similar impact. It’s also a lot quicker.

Oprah’s super soul gratitude practice tip

I still feel starting the day writing my gratitude diary works well for me because it sets my mood for the day. However, I feel I need to take it one step further. I picked up a great tip from Oprah’s Super Soul podcast which is to make sure you pause and show gratitude at least a few times throughout the day. It doesn’t matter where you are – just take a moment to reflect.

This makes complete sense to me. My gratitude practice needs to develop from a list written hurriedly on a commuter train to being part of who I am. At least three times a day, I’m going to stop what I’m doing, be in the moment and reflect on all I have to feel grateful for.

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