31 January 2018 and the super blood blue moon

January 29, 2018
Super blood blue moon

What is a super blood blue moon?

On 31 January, there will be a lunar eclipse, which is the second one of the month.

This one is going to be particularly special because not only will there be an eclipse, there will also be a super moon (which happens when the full moon is closest to the earth), a blue moon (because it’s the second full moon of the month, which doesn’t happen often) and a blood moon (because when the moon passes behind the earth, it looks a reddish colour).

A super blood blue moon is quite rare and so is particularly significant.

What does the super blood blue moon mean for me?

Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They illuminate areas we may need to concentrate on and can bring about huge changes and transformations in our life.

They are often linked together and form part of a journey. This super blood blue moon eclipse links back to 2017 and the eclipses in February and August.

It’s worth trying to reflect on our feelings and emotions during 22 August 2017 because whatever happened then, is now going to be worked out and put behind us.

This super blood moon offers healing and the start of a new sixth-month chapter. To this, we need to let go of any negative thoughts and emotions. We need to forgive ourselves and any others so we can move forward and manifest the life we want.

Use 31 January to:

  • let go of negative thoughts about yourself and others
  • write down what you want to happen over the next six months
  • trust, whatever happens, is going to be the best thing for you

Or you might like to try this releasing ritual from Forever Conscious

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