Why I’m switching off social media (on a Sunday)

February 3, 2018
Why I'm switching off social media (on a Sunday

Why I’m turning off social media once a week

I love social media. I love how it connects people. I love how I know what my friends in other countries are up to. I love the interesting people I’ve met via instagram and how much I’ve learnt from life coaches and wellbeing experts just through some tiny squares.

It’s hard to be in the moment, when having a smartphone means you can fill every moment

What I don’t love is how it takes me away from my son and how it drains my time when I could be doing else I enjoy instead (like reading a book or watching a film). My concentration span has reduced since the advent of smartphones and I miss the feeling of being bored. It’s hard to be in the moment, when having a smartphone means you can fill every moment. So this is why I’m switching off social media. Just on a Sunday of course.

Comparing yourself to others on social media

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve disappeared down an instagram rabbit hole. Suddenly, I’m looking at wedding photos, holiday snaps and all sorts of images belonging to someone that I’ve got no connection too. It doesn’t make me feel particularly great about myself. Partly, because I start comparing my life to somebody else’s – and forgetting about the golden rule that someone’s curated feed is not their reality. But also, because it’s such a waste of time.

Limiting your daily screen time

Yes, I know this is supposed to be about why I’m switching off social media on a Sunday. However, I’m also trying to limit my daily screen time too. One of the greatest upgrades Apple added to the iPhone (IMO) is the ability to limit screen time. I allow myself one hour a day to look at social media – and then, that’s it. Time to do something else instead.

Switch off Sunday

So now I’ve got all this extra time on my hands; what will I be doing instead…? Well, I plan to use that time to fully engage with my son and do activities that he really enjoys. I’ve started to worry that he knows I’m sometimes distracted and I don’t want him to feel second best to a phone. There are times during our Fridays off together when I have to take care of something for work and I don’t want that to leak through to weekends.

I also want to start the week ahead feeling refreshed having had the chance to give my brain some space. I tend to get the best ideas when i’m able to reflect a bit more rather than feeling slightly overwhelmed. I’m much more easily inspired when I do something outside of my usual routine.

Social media has enhanced my life in so many ways. It just doesn’t need to become my life.

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