How to do a self-care audit

February 24, 2018
how to do a self-care audit

What is a self-care audit?

Are you really fully aware of everything that’s going on in your life? All those underlying niggling issues and areas of discomfort? Are there areas that you’re kind of aware of but they’re easy to push to the bottom of the pile? Well, this is where a self-care audit comes in; giving you the chance to really assess where you’re at in life and put together a plan to take forward.

Tackling problems head on

I don’t know about you but I’m quite good at trying to block things I don’t want to think about. I try and bury my head in the sand and hope issues won’t surface by not thinking about them too much. The problem with this approach is that issues do manifest themselves. I’ve experienced sleepless nights, moments of panic and tried to use coping mechanisms (hello drinking a skinful and crying on the night bus younger me). You have to deal with things in order to move forward and this is where self-care comes in.

The importance of self-care

Self-care is essentially looking after ourselves – with the understanding that we need to look after every area of our lives. It’s almost an anchor in a way ensuring that when things get touch (because we know life ebbs and flows), we have systems in place to look after ourselves.

Self-care audit

We all need to factor self-care into our lives but how do we determine what we actually need?

I’ve put together this template for you to use to take stock of the six pillars of self-care. (emotional, physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and financial) and reflect on where you should focus your attention.

Use this self-care audit template and work through each area. Use it to reflect on where you’re at currently and where you need to focus more.

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