10 ways travel feeds the soul

March 16, 2018

Why I love to travel

For some people, it’s having a decent car, for others, it’s amazing clothes or a fantastic home. For me, any spare money goes on travel. It’s what keeps me inspired and happy. I’ve had some of my best experiences whilst being in different countries and I truly believe it’s expanded my mindset. This is why I feel travel feeds the soul.

Of course, travelling is a privilege. It costs money and it has an impact on the earth. However, with thought and care, then it can also be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

Here are 10 ways, I believe travel feeds the soul.

  1. It broadens our horizons and helps us become more open-minded. We see new ways of living and doing things, which in turn, increases our understanding and empathy.
  2. We break out of comfort zones. I’m much more willing to try new things when I’m travelling and put myself out there than I am at home.
  3. It helps you gain confidence. Travel involves lots of organisation and resourcefulness. We strike up conversations with strangers, navigate long distances on our own. It shows us what we’re capable of.
  4. New places feed our creativity and help us feel inspired. I love seeing different arts and crafts whilst I’m travelling. I think most people do – and it explains why Anthropologie is so succesful.
  5. It opens us up to new experiences. It encourages us to learn new languages and try new foods, or ways of life.
  6. We gain clarity and perspective. Our worries can seem much less important once you’ve taken a break from the routine. It’s amazing how a bit of distance can help make things seem insignificant.
  7. Grow in knowledge and learn about different cultures and history.
  8. Meet people from all walks of life. Travel is such a great leveller.
  9. Go on an adventure.
  10. Make memories to last a lifetime.

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