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The energy alignment method

May 14, 2018
energy alignment method

I stumbled across the Energy Alignment Method whilst scrolling through Facebook. It offered a free five-day course designed to realign your energy and create space for it to flow.

The course was coinciding with a planned quiet period in my life. It seemed like there was some synchronicity at play and so I decided to give it a whirl.

What is the energy alignment method

The Energy Alignment Method was developed by Yvette Taylor and uses a Kinesiology technique, the Sway to use your energy to unlock intuition. Each day the course teaches how to use the Sway to release any blockages which might be stopping your energy flow. This is so you can then start using it to manifest and for guidance.

Without giving too much away, I sometimes found using the Sway hard. I questioned how much it was my energy controlling it and how much was my own will. However, I also have greater clarity and the strongest sense of purpose I have felt in years.

I will definitely be using the tools from the Energy Alignment Method to work through some blockages I know I have. Looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

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