Kalme Chameleon Concealer

November 29, 2019
kalme chameleon concealer

Trying a natural concealer

I was recently asked to try the Kalme Chameleon Concealer, which promises to take the red out of your face and even out your skin tone. I must admit I had visions initially of a product I tried in the 90s which made my face look so white everyone thought I’d fainted. However, I’m always keen to look for new natural products so decided to give it a whirl.

I’m glad I did as the Chameleon Concealer is a really good product that has now become a make up bag staple.

Dealing with older-age skin (cries)

I’m lucky enough to have skin that doesn’t need foundation, but these days I do find I need some additional coverage to smooth my complexion out. I’ve bought lots of different primers, bb creams, cc creams, you name it – but I tend to find them really drying for my (soon to be) middle aged skin sinking into my wrinkles making me look older. I need a product that smooths over my skin, whilst adding moisture giving me a bit of a youthful glow.

I’m not sure entirely how the Chameleon Concealer works. The product comes out bright green yet blends to your exact skin tone. I’m reasonably pale but I do have an olive undertone to my skin. This product took all the redness out of my face and helped to smooth out any wrinkles and enlarged pores (of which I have many…).

Excuse the mirror selfie – but very decent results considering I’m the wrong side of 44

I now use this most days. I’m a lazy make up wearer, however, this is easy to use. It comes in a pump top bottle and all you need to do is rub it into your face. Easy.

It includes a pure mineral SPF20 giving my skin natural protection from the winter sun. It’s free from parabens, perfumes, MI and SLS. It only contains naturally active ingredients formulated for use on very sensitive skin.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Kalme Chameleon Concealer has also won awards in the Independent, Daily Telegraph and Beauty Shortlist awards.

Kalme Chameleon Concealer is available at the Skin Shop and costs £19.99 for 50ml.

I was gifted the Kalme Chameleon Concealer but the words are my own. I don’t recommend products I wouldn’t buy for myself.

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