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December 16, 2020
human design

What is Human Design?

Human design is a system which helps you understand how you respond to the world – and the role you’re designed to play in it.

It brings together the principles of I Ching, astrology, kabbalah, the hindhu-brahmin chakra systems and quantum physics using the date, time and location of your birth to reveal your unique human design.

Still with me? Good. So, what Human Design really gives you is a practical guide to who you really are. It’s almost like being given a road map to yourself. 

Learning to understand your Human Design means you’ll start to become in alignment and live your life in the way that you’re designed to. It won’t make your life easier in a sense because we will all have struggles and challenges to deal with, however, it will help you understand how you should respond and make decisions enabling your life to flow.

We’re all born with our own unique design and the more we go through childhood, the more we lose the essence of our real self. Human Design brings us back to ourselves so we can start to live life as we’re meant to.

Making decisions based on our Human Design

I think we’ve probably all been in situations where we’ve felt we’ve pushed into a decision and it hasn’t been right. Or wanted something so badly, we’ve tried to force it to happen and felt like we’re swimming in treacle. What Human Design does is show how best to make decisions aligned with who we are – so we’re going for what’s right for us at the right time, rather than chasing what isn’t. 

Human Design is a really complex system that can give you guidance on pretty much every aspect of your life: relationships; careers; diet and what you’re here on earth to do. 

You can have your full Human Design read by an analyst. However, there are also some free tools you can access to give you some information about your design. These tools include your Human Design type and your strategy, which gives you an introduction to your energy, your aura and how best to use both.

Human Design types and strategies

Finding out your Human Design type helps us understand our energy and how we’re designed to move through the world. We all have different levels of energy and some of us can keep going and going – whilst other types are not designed to do this. Human Design helps us understand this and determine what works best for us.

There are four different types that each have their own Strategy. Your Strategy gives the information we need to make decisions most aligned with who we are.

So what are each of the Human Design types?


Generators represent about 75 percent of the population. They have a consistent energy source which means they can keep going when they’re doing work they’re aligned to. The flip side is, they can also get burnt out when doing work that they’re not.

Generators have a big powerful aura which affects the people around them. So when they’re doing work or living in a way that lights them up, then it lights up other people too. But the harder question really is, how do you identify what lights you up? Generators should try to listen to their gut (sacral centre) and make decisions from your instincts, trying not to overrule it with your mind. They’re here to master a skill and sometimes that means feeling fed up or stuck, however, mastering something does mean sticking at it. Generators should listen to their sacral response before making a decision as to stick or leave what they’re trying to learn.

Generator strategy

The strategy for a generator is to wait to respond. So rather than going out there hustling and trying to make things happen, generators should just wait and see what happens. Now, I’m a generator and this goes against everything I know. I feel like the only way things have ever happened for me is when I’ve worked for them. But, is that really true or is it just a story I’ve told myself? I’m learning to take a step back, set intentions and put ideas out there – whilst giving space for opportunities to come to me, rather than trying to force them to happen.

Manifesting generator

The design of a manifesting generator isn’t dissimilar to that of a generator. They have the energy to keep going when they’re doing something that’s right for them. Again, their work lights them up and they have the ability to keep going. They move faster than other people and can juggle lots of plates at once but they have to be careful not to overcommit. They should use their sacral response to guide them to the right decision.

Manifesting generator strategy

The strategy for a manifesting generator is slightly different though. Like a generator, they should wait to respond but they should also think about who else might be impacted before taking action and then inform them. This isn’t about asking for permission – it’s just simply letting other people know what you’re going to do because this will lead the way to less resistance.

We’ve all been taught that we should choose one thing and stick with it. This is different for manifesting generators who are designed to try lots of things and let go of the ones that don’t work. They just need to inform people when they do.


Manifestors are here to initiate. They’re the ones who get the ball rolling. They don’t need to necessarily finish what they started – other human design types are here to help with that. Their role is to act as a creative force and get things going. Don’t feel bad if you start something and don’t finish it – this right for you. You’re designed to initiate and then move on.

Manifestors can have a powerful aura which sometimes causes people to react. This isn’t your fault or something you should feel the need to control – just be aware of it so you learn not to take it personally. Manifestors actually don’t require external input or inspiration – it all comes from within. This means you need to maintain a constant connection to your internal voice and find peace within.

Manifestor strategy

The manifestor strategy is to inform others before taking action. Just like the manifestor generators above, this isn’t about permission, it’s just letting people know what you plan to do. It’s about creating less resistance so you can move forward with ease. You may also find your relationships become easier too.


Projectors have a focused and penetrating aura which gives them the ability to see deeply into others. They need to be thoughtful about how they use their energy. Society has told us that we need to be always go-go-go. However, this isn’t always the best way to be for a projector and can lead to burn out. Projectors work in bursts of energy, which allows them to get a lot done in a short space of time. However, they need to also take some time to recuperate. 

Projectors are at their best when steering and shaping the ideas and energies of other people. They’re good at seeing the big picture and are able to recognise talents and gifts in other people bringing them together. 

Projector strategy

Their Strategy is to wait to be invited to share their wisdom. They should wait for big life decisions such as relationships, career/work and where to live until they get an invitation. This is so there’s the right energetic exchange. Don’t worry about not getting an invitation, the Projector’s aura is so powerful, it drives the right people to you – and once you’re in, then you can start manifesting and intitating and driving things forward.


Reflectors represent about 1 percent of the population. They process and experience energy very differently from the other Human Design types. Reflectors are here to be wise observers by sampling, magnifying and reflecting people’s auras back at them. They’re really gifted at being able to detect when something is out of line or unusual. In an ideal world, each community would have a reflector who can act as a barometer for the health of the collective.

Reflectors are able to read other people’s auras and understand who they truly are. This makes them extremely empathetic. However, their own aura is actually quite resilient. It’s important though that they have the right environment and community to call home. They need the right people about them who will listen and support their decision making. 

Reflector strategy

For reflectors, their strategy is to connect to lunar energy. So this means waiting 28 days before making any major decisions and use this time to discuss your options with trusted friends. A good peer group is really important for reflectors so they can discuss decisions and use them to reflect ideas. 

Where can you find out more?

You can get a simple and free Human Design birth chart from:



You can also ask me any questions.

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