About 365 days of wellbeing

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, worker and writer with a dream of having my own wellbeing centre somewhere someday. I started 365 days of wellbeing after feeling sluggish, run down and needing to make some changes in my life. I wanted to write about subjects I cared about and use them to learn more about myself too.

I write about self-development, self-care, wellbeing and natural living. I’m by no means an expert; this is just simply what I’ve learnt along the way from books, articles and trial and error…

We’re all busy people with conflicting pressures in life. More often than not, we’re so focused on other people (whether that be family, bosses, housemates etc) that we forget to prioritise ourselves too. It’s easy to push issues aside and get lost in the day to day. 365 days of wellbeing is designed to help you understand the importance of implementing self-care and wellbeing into your life – and give you some ideas too.

The greatest thing I do for myself is my gratitude practice. It helps me focus on the good instead of all the little niggling things instead. It’s turned me from a ‘grey sky thinker’ to someone who looks for the positives and tries to see the best in people. We’re all fighting our own battles.

I love essential oils, candles – and one day plan to combine the two together. I live my life by the phases of the moon. I use crystals to try and bring in good energy to support myself through some of the challenging moments in life. I also have a thing for houseplants.

However, I’m by no means perfect. Like most of us, I’m a work in progress at best….

I hope you find 365 days of wellbeing useful.

Nicky Turner


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