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Sorry [doesn’t] seem to be the hardest word

January 24, 2018
sorry seems to be the hardest word

I have a confession to make: I used to be a serial apologiser. I’m British so it does come with the territory but I apologised so much, a former colleague described me as having ‘sorry tourettes’. I used to say sorry for everything. If someone banged into me, I’d say sorry. I’d apologise for delegating work to my team even though I was their manager. I once apologised…


How nature affects our wellbeing

January 13, 2018
how nature affects our wellbeing

My son was born in late September and the weather in London was still warm and sunny. I had absolutely no idea how to look after a newborn baby. However, the one thing we did every day without fail was going for a walk in nature. I once read babies needed fresh air to help them sleep. I have no idea whether or not that’s true and can’t…


5 podcasts for wellbeing (and beyond)

January 7, 2018
wellbeing podcasts to inspire

wellbeing podcasts to inspire you For anyone who is time poor, podcasts are a great and passive way of picking up new information. Here are five of my favourite wellbeing podcasts which inspire and lift me up with each episode. Super Soul Conversations Oprah interviews leading speakers on all things wellbeing in her Super Soul Conversations. I always pick up at least one great piece of advice, which…