flavoured salts


Flavoured chilli salts – an easy homemade Christmas gift

December 12, 2018
flavoured chilli salts

I have a lot of great cooks in my family so I wanted to give them something they would actually use. I decided to make flavoured chilli salts because who doesn’t like a bit of extra spice in their life.

You will need:

How to make flavoured chilli salts

A container – I had these little jars from Ikea left overfrom last year’s crafting

Decent sea salt – I bought Maldon sea salt

Chilli flakes


The method:

You need about one teaspoon of chilli flakes and one teaspoon of paprika per quarter cup of sea salt. However, this can really be adjusted to taste.

I used the container to help measure and whizzed everything up in my nutribullet. I used a teaspoon to put the flavoured chilli salts back in but if you were fairly steady of hand, you could just pour it.

And that’s it. Done.

I think they would look great with some brown paper labels explaining the contents.

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