Easy homemade Christmas gift ideas – natural soaps

December 13, 2018

Making natural soaps

I’m becoming more mindful of the plastic I’m buying, particularly when it comes to household and bathing products. I want to cut down on what I’m buying both for myself and other people and think about alternatives to packaged shower gels and bubble baths. With that in mind, I decided to make these natural soaps using dried flowers and essential oils for Christmas gifts.

There is a very technical way to make soap. It can be quite dangerous and toxic. I have limited time and a toddler so I bought a ready-made soap base. I chose this one, which is SLS and paraben free.

I made chamomile and lemongrass soaps because I felt it would be soothing during these winter months. I have a lot of essential oils at home and so plan to experiment with a few flavour combinations.

This soapmaking method is so simple, yet still looks great.

The ingredients you need are

The method

  • Scatter the dried flowers on the base. They will rise to the surface once the soap base is poured in. I tried layering the soap but they didn’t feel that durable. I also think the soaps seem more natural when you can see the flowers more clearly.
  • Cut the soap into roughly a bar of soap per soap mould. The soap cuts like butter so you’ll just need a kitchen knife.
  • Put the soap base in the plastic jug and microwave. I blast it for 30 seconds and heat it up slowly to stop bubbles forming.
  • Let the soap set slightly to get rid of any bubbles.
  • Pour into the mould. Try to do this slowly and let the flowers rise up.
  • Let the soaps set for a few hours.
  • Wrap in beeswax or eco-friendly parchment paper

Easy handmade Christmas gifts – mulling baubles

December 9, 2018

It always feels like Christmas has started with my first glass of mulled wine. This is one of the reasons why I decided to make mulling baubles for some of the men in my life.

All you need is:

Clear fillable baubles. I bought this set of 12 from Amazon. They are plastic – however, I’m hoping they will be reused year on year.

Ribbons, pom poms or anything fun to decorate the bauble with. I found these tassels in Hema.

Cinnamon sticks


Star anise


The method:

Fill each bauble with one cinnamon stick, one nutmeg, a couple of star anise and a handful of clove. Tie the bauble at the top with the ribbon or tassels. And that’s it… Voila!

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