5 podcasts for wellbeing (and beyond)

January 7, 2018
wellbeing podcasts to inspire

Wellbeing podcasts to inspire you

Honestly, I love podcasts. For anyone who is time poor (aka me), they’re such an easy and brilliant way of picking up new information. I use them to learn about the world, learn about myself and to simply relax. This is one of the reasons why I’m always on the lookout for great spiritual, self-care and wellbeing podcasts.

Here are five of my favourite wellbeing podcasts which inspire and lift me up with each episode.

Super Soul Conversations

Oprah interviews leading speakers and interesting people on all things wellbeing and spiritual practices in her Super Soul Conversations designed to help unlock your growth. I always pick up at least one great piece of advice, which I know I’ll use in daily life.


I stumbled across Ctrl Alt Delete and loved it so much, I’m now ploughing through the archives. Emma talks to people on a range of subjects from careers, self-development to feelings around social media and I find I learn something new every time. Whilst a business podcast primarily, I find she often veers into wellbeing in an interesting way.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I learnt about Gretchen Rubin through the two podcasts above and love the way she talks about happiness in a scientific yet accessible way. Her sister co-hosts the podcast and I really enjoy the relationship they have with each other.

The High Low

The High Low is a weekly discussion show covering everything from the trivial to the political. This isn’t a wellbeing podcast, however, it’s directly targeted at women. Some of the issues covered such as the myth of the pregnancy glow really resonated with me.

Life, death and the Space in Between

Dr Amy Robbins interviews spiritual teachers and mediums to talk about life, death and what exists in between. She deals with complicated topics in an easy way and I learn something every time.

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