Why technology is making us less productive

January 22, 2019
technology making us less productive

Is always being on affecting productivity? I got my first job in communications back in 2001. I worked hard, no doubt moaned about my long hours, but once I left work, that was it. I couldn’t physically do any more work. I couldn’t answer emails because I didn’t have WiFi at home and regardless, there wasn’t the technology to log in remotely. Our mobile phones only made phone…


The lost art of being bored

March 24, 2018
The lost art of being bored

When did you last feel bored? I remember as a child feeling bored a lot. Time seemed to tick by very slowly and there just didn’t seem to be enough to do to fill the day. I remember minutes felt like hours and I had to try really hard to entertain myself. These days I feel the opposite is true. Admittedly, I have a far fuller life with…


What does self-care mean?

February 20, 2018
what does self care mean

What is self-care? Nowadays, it seems there is a whole lifestyle being sold on self-care with scented candles, luxury bubble bath and turmeric based drinks all designed to improve our health and wellbeing. Posts on Instagram portray carefully curated images of must-have products all selling the self-care dream. But if we strip all of this away, what does the phrase self-care actually mean? Is it just candles and…


Why rest is so important

January 10, 2018
rest is so important

Burning out By the end of 2017, I felt sluggish, run down and started to question where my energy had gone. And then I remembered: I have a child, a house to look after, oh.. and I also work full time to a job I commute to. I would finish a day’s work, catch the train home, pick my son up from nursery, bath and put him to…