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The trap of right/wrong thinking

July 22, 2018

An energy healer recently said to me that I was doing a lot of right/wrong thinking. I had explained I was struggling with indecision to the point I felt stuck. I was struggling to make almost any major decisions – feeling paralysed by the idea of it turning out badly.

I had fallen into the trap of right/wrong thinking

Right/wrong thinking is a thought process where you think there are only two possible outcomes – right or wrong. It’s a black and white approach and only offers one solution for a positive outcome.

I had let my search for the right answers overwhelm me to the point that I had lost the ability to see clearly. I was looking so hard for one answer, I’d forgotten there may be other ways. It had become so crucial, it was making me fearful of change and keeping me in a state of indecision.

The reality is life isn’t black and white. It exists in shades of grey. There are many options and ideas open to us and more than one way to happiness.

Ann Silvers is a US-based counsellor. She describes the right/wrong pattern as dichotomous thinking and writes about the unhelpfulness of polarised thinking.

Dichotomous thinking can create excruciating fear and anxiety anytime there is a decision to be made because of a belief that there is only an absolutely right direction to go in and everything else would take you in an absolutely wrong direction.

Becoming aware of my thought patterns has made me recognise when I am overwhelming myself with making the perfect decision. Life is full of options: I need to become open to recognising them.

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